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We are a small independent collective actively looking for grants, no-strings-attached donors, one-time or regular contributors to support its functioning and expansion. We believe marginalized creatives are often taken advantage of and underpaid by established outlets and do not wish to reproduce this imbalanced power dynamic

Regular Subscription Plans

If you are able to, you can choose to become a subscriber. We have created regular gifts for our subscribers including personalized totes and stationary, sustainable decor, exclusive zines, book giveaways, and more.

International subscriptions coming soon!

One-Time Payment

Support us with a one-time payment of Rs. 500. Your support goes towards compensating our writers, editors, designers, audio-video team, translators, and general website management.

For international payments, use the link here!

Mutual Aid Project

Support us as you wish! We hope to channel our efforts into building various mutual aid projects in collaboration with different grassroots collectives and organisations. Our projects include food distribution, legal and bail funds for incarcerated people, healthcare support, housing needs, migration networks. We aim to ground our reportage in the spirit of solidarity and cooperation. If you find resonance with our goals, support us with a sliding amount. Contact if you want to get involved!