Terms and Conditions

At Syaahi, we hope to disrupt the power imbalance present in Indian journalism. As such we do not own the rights to the material we carry on our website unless stated otherwise (noted as Syaahi Team). Contributors to Syaahi can republish their own pieces without permission provided they refrain from significantly altering the intention with which the piece was first disseminated on our website, and publicly disclose a link to Syaahi in the following manner: “This article was first published in Syaahi (<add link>) and is republished here with permission.”

If you are an outlet that seeks to republish any material from Syaahi, write to us at: [email protected] When republication is in print, we request that the publisher mail us a copy (address provided after appropriate communication). When the republication is digital, we ask that the publisher e-mail us a note with the link to the article. No republication that seeks to defame Syaahi and/or the author/producer of the original material will be approved. Reprinting with the intention to falsely misrepresent the piece in question and/or advocate for injustice is prohibited.

For any other queries/concerns, contact: [email protected]