We are a publishing collective borne out of a sincere motivation to empower freelance writers in South Asia to create meaningful and radical material. We run Freelance Writers India through which we attempt to provide resources and work to marginalized writers. This site is the digital arm of our publication, Syaahi. While we hope syaahi.in becomes a platform for South Asian reporters and writers, we are also building towards crafting a regular print publication and establishing a small and independent press.


Syaahi is supported by creatives who have generously collaborated with us in varying ways. Siddhi Ashar is the artist behind the brilliant graphic design featured on our home page. The indie band As We Keep Searching have kindly allowed us to use their track ‘And Then Came Spring’ for our recurrent Bulletin series which recaps country-wide news in 60 seconds.

If you are an individual, collective, publication (digital/print), or organization interested in collaborating with us, email: [email protected]