We were borne out of a motivation create meaningful and radical material. A cooperative of writers, editors, designers, artists, lawyers, researchers and creatives, we also run Freelance Writers India which provides resources and information about opportunities to marginalised writers. This site is the digital arm of our publication, Syaahi. While we hope syaahi.in becomes a platform for the South Asian anti-caste left, we are also building towards a small and independent printing press.

We hope to disturb the power imbalance present in Indian journalism. Despite being a small collective of independent freelancers ourselves, we provide compensation for contributors ranging between INR 5,000 to 10,000 and are working towards increasing this scale. Know more about what a cooperative is, and how we approach what we do at Syaahi here.


Syaahi is supported by creatives who have generously collaborated with us in varying ways. Shariq Rafeek has been as generous with support in designing this website as he has been with his friendship. Siddhi Ashar is the brilliant artist behind our website tile. The indie band As We Keep Searching have been kind in allowing us to use their track ‘And Then Came Spring’ for our upcoming video series.

If you are an individual, collective, publication (digital/print), or organisation interested in collaborating with us, email: team@syaahi.in

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